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Jan 23, 2010
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Welcome to the Droid Application Review section of the forum. Here you can not only find various reviews of applications available for your Android phone but you can also contribute reviews of your own. Just because someone else has already reviewed an application doesn't mean you can't also review it.

We'd like to keep things consistent, yet simple, so that reviews are easy to read. Below are some guidelines we thought would help with that. Those not following them may get a pm requesting the guidelines be followed. For any assistance please pm one of staff members or post a question in this thread about how to accomplish one of the below steps.

  1. All threads in this section should be named in the following format:
    full-app-name reviewed by membername. The full app name would be the full name as listed in the market.
    Android Terminal Emulator review by christim would be an example of a valid thread title.
  2. Each market app review should include the current star ranking, number of ratings, and number of downloads. For example, Android Terminal Emulators current ranking is 4.5 stars ranked by 1394 people and it has been downloaded between 50,000-250,000 times. This information is found in the market for each app.
  3. Let us know what phone make and model you tested the app on. Let us know if it is a stock phone, and if rooted what rom you tested it on and your android version.
  4. Include a QR Code if at all possible. is a good source to obtain such a code.
    • Installing the Bar Code Scanner will let you scan an application's QR Code. Clicking "open in browser" will bring you to the market to download it. Please test your draft to make sure this works before posting.
  5. Everyone else....please comment on similar/different results with that app so we all can learn and find cool new apps, thanks!

From time to time the DF Newsteam may contact a reviewer in this subsection to request a reprint of a review to use elsewhere, for instance on DF's blog. If chosen the poster will be asked if they want their real name used as the author of the review or just their username here as posted in the thread's title.

sample review:

Android Terminal Emulator
Currently ranked 4.5 stars by 1394 people
Downloaded 50,000-250,000 times
Reviewed on a Motorola Droid with rooted roms sg6.0 and ss4.1 (Android 2.1 and 2.2)

This application performs as advertised. It lets the user type on the slide out keyboard and interface with the phone's operating system. Those familiar with Linux will find this tool to be a great asset. It also has the ability to copy to the clipboard what is on the screen. As a free application it will let you type commands needed to write to normally read-only file systems, as well as copy and move files around. If your phone is not rooted this app will have limited functionality for you. You still can perform some commands, but only those that do not require root access.

as stated it performs the job - a great pro!
can scroll back up with the touchscreen
menukey lets you email the entire screen so you have the text captured.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to get a pipe symbol in there to do a ps -ef | grep aldiko for example.

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Jan 5, 2013
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Interesting. I have always wanted to know how to write reviews.