stuck in webtop mode, need mirror mode


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Feb 25, 2013
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I accidentally checked the "hd dock" ( webtop?)box instead of the mirror mode. And i checked the "remember this choice" box. I don't have a dock, only a HDMI cable. When I hook the cable to my phone it goes to a weird screen with left and right tabs and a keyboard button. I can't get to the mirror mode. I have tried settings, and re booting.
Go into apps then all apps scroll to bottom to webtop and scroll down and clear defaults
got it fixed

Thanks. I got it back to mirror mode. When i switch to webtop it appears that I have the webtop screen on my phone with the left and right click buttons and an area to scroll. I thought you had to have a dock to get webtop, but I am just using an HDMI cable hooked to my TV. It is confusing but I am still figuring it out
I can't get to my apps because webtop keeps popping up. What do I do?