Stuck in HBOOT and Clockworkmod


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Feb 12, 2012
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Ok so I have a Droid Incredible and I finally broke down and rooted the phone. I managed to root it (did lots of research before hand and everything worked fine).

The root worked and everything was fine until I tried to install a custom rom (cyogenmod, not sure what version it is atm, but it was the one that I was able to get through the clockworkMod Manager). It downloaded, installed, and than I got stuck in this boot loop. The Cyogenmod logo with it's blue circle would come up and keep repeating itself over and over. Like an idiot I wasn't thinking and didn't make a back up of the default HTC sense that I was using before so I figured, wth I'll just do a factory reset and start over. I tried that using HBOOT and it just sent me to the clockworkmod recovery which I just did it there instead, this didn't work.

After that I than tried what I found here: Boot loop? - CyanogenMod ForumThis didn't work, now the phone just boot's directly to HBOOT. I can still go to clockworkmod (try to factory reset from Hboot, it just kicks me there). Factory resetting from clockwork only sends me back to HBOOT.

I'm honestly at a total loss of what to do at this point. I have been trolling countless forums for the past 5 hours to try to find a solution and so far nothing has worked.

All I want is to do a complete restore on this thing. From what I can tell now, the phone seems to be bricked......I am desperate for a solution if someone, anyone out there has an idea of how to help me. Any feed back would be very appreciated.