Stuck in Boot Loop on original Droid


Aug 3, 2010
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I was rooted for some time. Then had the home screen delays for a long time. I finally went with Cayanogen for a while. Still had bugs, so I used clockwork mod and went back to Froyo 2.2 (FRG22). Everything worked wonderful! The only issue was getting the update notification all the time.

So I downloaded the original FRG83G ota. Put it on my SD card, booted into Clockwork and then had it install it. I knew this would un-root me, but I thought I would easily root again. Once the update installed, the phone is now in a boot loop between the red eye and when it writes DROID.

I pulled the battery and held down the X key while booting. It just takes me to the "Exclamation" screen. Since it's not going into Clockwork, I presume it did un-root me. But I don't know why it won't boot up and stuck in a boot loop.

What should I do now??? Any help is appreciated.
So it's Friday night. With nothing better to do, I found an .sfb file named:


Ah heck, my phone is old and I need to experiment. So I started RSD and loaded that file. Woohoo! Phone is working now! I'm gonna just leave it as is for a day or two to make sure it all works ok. Then root again.

It's amazing what a little research can do. It's just when our phone stops working, we get into a little panic zone and want someone to hold our hand. Then we twiddle our thumbs and then start reading.

All is well now....thanks to this forum and all the posts.
Glad you got going. If you want to root again, try the link 1 in my signature, or SuperOneClick. Those are the only 2 methods at this time to root 2.2.2.