Stuck after sbf


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Apr 25, 2011
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I tried to sbf my phone and now I am stuck. I have the latest USB drivers and RSD Lite v4.9. RSD says 100% complete and PASSED, but when the phone reboots it comes up with the Bootloader screen. I pull the battery, same thing. I power on holding the home key, same thing.

The screen says:


Service Req'd
Battery OK
OK to program
I've used 4.8 and it works fine but are you sure you have the right sbf file? Also are you restarting it when it says manually reboot? I know a few people who did a battery pull before it said 100% manually restart device

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Rsdlite should reboot your phone for you. I would verify you have the correct sbf file. You may be using a system only which would cause problems with your phone. Go to and download the full 2.3.340 sbf from the link in the Droid x discussion forum. I can verify it works as I have used it several times myself.

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rsd reboots it to an extent the rest you have to do a battery pull and physically restart it.

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I'm in the exact same predicament, was trying to fix an issue by sbf'ing and now I'm stuck in this bootloop. Attempted battery pull and still looping. Go into bootloader and everything is just fine.
My battery died during sbf'ing. Verizon is sending me another one.