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Nov 19, 2009
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People who switched from a BB storm to the Droid. Just wondering if there were pros and cons of the droid over the storm. Any input would be great. VZW contract will be up soon. Wondering if its worth it to switch.
My wife has the Storm and we BOTH hate that damn phone. She would love nothing more to switch to the Droid but she just got the Storm this summer. There is no comparison. Get the Droid and don't look back.
Had the Storm 1 since it's launch....switched to a Curve back in June....Fired up the Storm to give 5.0 a chance....24hrs later I had a Droid! Never looking back
Hi. I had the Storm and just got my Droid today! I'm still learning but this phone is amazing!
The first storm hands down sucked donkey nuts. Glitchy, poor touch screen, ridiculously slow internet. The storm 2 supposedly addressed most of that. I fiddled with the storm 2 at the store, and it does feel immensely better. Droid has the quickest internet ive seen on any phone, and the option of going touch screen or physical keyboard, big plus in my book.
I'm having huge withdrawls from being on bb for last 15 years. I miss the fluid email exchange and ability to use my office notes. I'm sticking through this low period of DT's!
Current BB Storm (4.75 since we are on BES and it hasn't pushed the new OS) with the company and Droid user.

The Storm, even with that Older OS, I have found rather annoying as far as dealing with the corrective text, the click-screen and its internet browsing.

The Droid, in comparison does a bit better on internet, in fact, light years, the virtual keyboard is much easier to use versus the Storm. And its predictive texting is much better in handling things.

The current Droid Exchange Support is not as nice as the standard BB with BES support, so if you are looking at it as a full replacement of your BB in this resort, just be aware you will need a little more work. There is no Signature ability or filtering so if you were reliant on that, you won't get it.

Other than that, I found the Droid, as a personal phone worthwhile.
This phone (DROID) makes it easy to forget the Storm. Between soundboard apps for ringtones and notifications.... remote services..... gps..... turn by turn nav..... NES Roms..... i'm rambling but there's NOTHING I miss from my BB Storm. RIM announced it was dead as far as development goes.... DROID DOES! end of story
I had storm since day one and then went to droid on release day. I only miss a few things from the storm… I miss true push email, I miss the single unified inbox for all email/sms/mms/etc...and I miss the way facebook contacts could be manually synced one at a time. I’m not expecting the push email other than gmail anytime soon. I am however hoping for an app, maybe a future handcent update, that will include emails to make that all in one inbox. Then maybe an update to the facebook app or a facebook sync app for the contacts issue and I’d be happy. As for everything else I would say the droid suites my needs much better and IMO is far superior so I couldn’t be happier!
I switched from the storm to the droid as well and there are some things I miss. I miss super easy email, I miss the sure type keyboard setup in portrait mode. I think the facebook app is also much better on the storm. The Droid has a better screen, better apps, and the web browser makes the bb browser look stupid. The Droid is also insanely fast in just day to day operation.
the super fast email and mms sending i miss from my old storm thats all oh and the pics looked alot better than this 5mp camera on the droid
Oh wait I forgot I miss the ability to send an audio track and not sure how I forgot this but battery life. My storm lasted forever which is amazing cuz it took an hour to load a web page.
lol ya i also miss the excitement for os leaks on crackberry lol
Hey there,

i just switched from STORM (still owning it) To a brand new Milestone.
The only thing that makes me feel sorry for the STORM is the choice of options you have
on saving and changing attachments.

Here is the Pro's from Milestone over STORM:
-Better Battery
-TONS of good apps
-Linux basisi system (with YOU can adapt to YOURSELF, not where YOU have to adapt to the SYSTEM)
-Faster precise typing
-Physical Keyboard if needed
-Full Featured browser

i could write a ton more., but i also can state some for the STORM over the Milestone:
-Attachment options
-Backupsystem via Desktopmanager

But that is nearly it. :)