Storage Issues for HTC Incredible - repost


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Sep 14, 2010
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I have the 2.2 update, I doubt that matters, but when I go to update an app the phone says there is not enough space on the phone.

Here are my stats:
Internal Phone Storage
Total space 6.60 GB
Available space 6.22 GB

Phone Memory
Total Space 748MB
Available Space 617MB

Whats wrong with my phone!! ;)
I've been waiting months for HTC to provide the "fix". This problem is on all sorts of HTC and Droid forums and has been for a VERY LONG time. A half day spent going to Verizon outlet, wiping my phone clean, and then reconfiguring is not a satisfactory solution. I've already done that once.

In the meantime, the best - but aggravating workaround - is to remove the battery briefly. When you put it back it you will usually have anywhere from a few hours to perhaps a day without the phone locking up.