Storage Issues for HTC Incredible


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Sep 14, 2010
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I have the 2.2 update, I doubt that matters, but when I go to update an app the phone says there is not enough space on the phone.

Here are my stats:
Internal Phone Storage
Total space 6.60 GB
Available space 6.22 GB

Phone Memory
Total Space 748MB
Available Space 617MB

Whats wrong with my phone!! ;)
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Same issue here. Since the 2.2 OTA update I've had an "Application data space is low" message notification (and icon) on my screen 24/7. The message randomly disappeared for one day but reappeared a day later and has been on since. I need to take it into VZW and see what their response will be.

Internal phone storage
Total Space: 6.46GB
Available Space: 6.07GB

Phone Memory
Total Space: 748MB
Available Space: 695MB
I had the same problem with my Incredible...........and after playing around....I notice I had a bunch of attachment pictures and videos in my yahoo and work email account. So I deleted some of it to see what would happen,and catchinggg!!!........the low memory warning went away.....remember, I deleted them off my Inbox, my sent folder, and my trash folder, otherwise it won't make a different because they are still in the account. I also chose the option to not delete the emails in server, that way, I will still have a copy in my regular email online. Let me know if you need more details on how to see the data your programs are using...since I have to start writing it from scratch and Im at work right now, and my boss probably won't like to see me typing and not turning anything in at the end of the day.
I have always been diligent about deleting old e-mails, photos and attachements on my phone and from my trash folder since my email server has a massive amount of memory. I finally took my Dinc into the VZW store and was immediately ordered a replacement that arrived the next morning. This one is running faster than the first (which I did not think was possible). I have been able to load up all my apps as well as the ones I had deleted because of the low memory message on my original.

Problem solved!
I don't use Yahoo! Mail or MS Exchange mail. I'm completely on Gmail. Whenever I go to a Verizon store, they take it in the back and futz with it. Turn it off and on. No help. It just comes back a day or two later. They tell me to reset my phone but I don't want to delete the data on my phone. I don't want to lose my data.
Its an issue with sense incorrectly logging data where it actually doesn't exist. Not using HTC mail seemed to help me out a ton but the problem still occurred on occasion. I'd suggest a root and rom :)

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