Stock GEM settings (User Interface Tweaks)


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Aug 16, 2010
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Ok, installed incognito and had to change color settings on GEM settings.
changed my theme to watermarkd. and now cant even see clock and my notification bar is all weird. its probably due to the change in GEM settings.
thought iv wiped before installing watermarkd.
anyways, here are changes that iv made when installing incognito.

> Status bar > Clock color > #FFFFFFFF
> Date and provider
> Date color > #FFFFFFFF
> Carrier PLMN label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Carrier SPN label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Notification colors
> Notifications ticker color > #FFFFFFFF
> Notifications count color > #FFFFFFFF
> No notifications title color > #FFFFFFFF
> Clear notifications label color > #FF000000
> Ongoing notifications label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Latest notifications label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Items title color > #FF000000
> Items text color > #FF000000
> Items time color > #FF000000

and I am asking you guys for the stock settings, so i can see if the stock settings can match up with the watermarkd, which will do.
please help me guys.. thanks
when changing themes in sapphire or any rom you need to load the stock/default theme then flash a new theme.

flashing a theme over a them will have negative results
I would just flash the base ROM over again without wiping data or cache. That's the way we used to do it rather than reflashing the stock theme.