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Feb 8, 2010
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Incognito (minimal) by david1171/bgill55


Gem Settings:

my set up:

> Status bar > Clock color > #FFFFFFFF
> Date and provider
> Date color > #FFFFFFFF
> Carrier PLMN label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Carrier SPN label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Notification colors
> Notifications ticker color > #FFFFFFFF
> Notifications count color > #FFFFFFFF
> No notifications title color > #FFFFFFFF
> Clear notifications label color > #FF000000
> Ongoing notifications label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Latest notifications label color > #FFFFFFFF
> Items title color > #FF000000
> Items text color > #FF000000
> Items time color > #FF000000

Theme Discussion Link(change Log)

In Rom Manager as well!

Download Incognito V1.5

NexTheme By Manup (ported by bgill55)


Gem Settings:

Title Bar Anything but Black

ongoing anything but black

notifications anything but black

the rest is open

NexTang By Manup (ported by bgill55)


Gem Settings:

Title Bar all white

all white Works for everything else as well


Gala-S By Hazmatic (Ported By Bgill55)


Gem settings

Title Bar all white

Everything else can be anycolor!


Droid X Theme By Fabulous/Jrummy (ported by bgill55)


Gem Settings:

Anything but black throughout!

Fixed Black on black buttons (bgill55)

Clockwork and Spr friendly


Droid X v1.1


Black Bar Mod for v1.0 By JoelWRX


Link to theme:

928Droid Black Glass 2.2 for Sapphire v1.0 By 928Droid


Link To thread:

Watermark'D v3.0 By Stewart1champ


Link To Theme:

Alternate Dark available for Sapphire 1.0 By roberj13


link to theme:


rEVOlution Theme By Manup (ported by bgill55)


Download For ClockWork and SPRecovery(rename to in SPR):

rEVOlution Download


Golden Elegance by kookahdoo


Link To theme:


Uggh Fine here you guys go!

Black Ice By Bgill55/A special Thanks to Amac2583


Clowwork and SPRrecovery friendly

Download Black Ice Theme


Return To Stock theme By um Google I guess/packaged by bgill55


This Will return your theme back to stock fonts and all!!! I will also add this to rom manager as well!!

Clock work and SPRecovey friendly!

Download Stock Theme


Purple Passion by roberj13 (some images by bgill55 ;) ) Ported by Tanknspank



Purple Passion Theme

Elegant Steel by by he_stheone64 - concept by jedispotty Ported and added to by bgill55


*Note I have made a that will install a iconpack to you SDcard the folder name is Bgill55_icons. Also it will install the beautiful Widget skin for this theme to where it needs to be just open up BW and choose the ElegantSteel skin!

Download: Clockwork and spr friendly

ElegantSteel Theme

Red Rum 2.0 by Carlz28


In Rom manager under bgill55

Link to theme Thread:

Smoked Glass by AdamZ ported by ACalcutt


Link to theme thread

More to come! And if I have missed anyone Let me know!!!!

Bgill Out!
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I'm having issues with the Incognito theme. Each time I try to install via sprecovery it aborts the installation. Figured I got a bad download so tried again, and then tried Koveleski's server. Perhaps the original copy is corrupted?
Same thing here with incognito.

My phone has taken over, please disregard if this post is not helpful
Any help with incognito bgill? I don't like clockwork or I would try it that way.

My phone has taken over, please disregard if this post is not helpful
great rom, there is some options to fix black text on black buttons on DroidX Theme?

pd sorry poor english :blush:
Okay, this is probably an idiotic question, but how did you get that font? Specifically on NexTheme. I tried flashing the .zip with clockwork, and the font didn't change at all. I really, really like the way these screens look, and Incognito looks fantastic, but mine did not look like that at all, haha. Thanks in advance!
Love the Incognito theme !!

I had to make the batt % clear because the numbers were on top of the bar icon. Anyway to remove the bar icon so I can only see the % numbers?

Thanks for all the great work.....
Really like the way Incognito is looking on my phone!! After install phone did act a little weird (not sure how to explain what happened but got a couple reboots once I tried to go into Astro and other stuff) but now all good after a couple of battery pulls.

Really like the hidden lock/sound tabs in this theme

UPDATE: figured out it was a kernel issue that I was having wiped clean and started over but kept the stock kernel and reloaded Incognito and running awesome now no random reboots like I was having before!!!

GREAT WORK on the themes everyone that had input or made them!!!
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Maybe i'm crazy or just tired where are the download links.. I see none?
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They are on the page where you downloaded the rom. The cvpcs wiki just scroll down till you see the theme section.

My phone has taken over, please disregard if this post is not helpful
Incognito is hot bgill. Flashed clockwork just for it, and did I mention I don't like clockwork lol. Awesome work worth the flash.

My phone has taken over, please disregard if this post is not helpful