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Sep 24, 2010
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thought i would share, not bad if anyone needs a spare battery
[ame=] Motorola DROID and DROID II 1300mah Standard Battery: Cell Phones & Accessories[/ame]
Picked one up about 3 months ago. Great deal. Mine was an authentic moto battery although I suspect it was used as it was faded and had a scratch or two. Even so, you can't beat it. I did read some bad reviews saying it didn't work or it was fake, but I was lucky and got one that worked. I'm thinking I want the extended battery soon. I'm tired of the quick depletion of the standard batt

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I got one a few months ago for a rock climbing trip I took, and it was great. I was lucky enough to get a stock Moto battery which looked fairly new. Also, being on liberty and getting 9-14 hours of good usage is quite helpful, saving me money from getting a bulky extended battery :)
How long does it take to come? I ordered on July 1st and its the 11th and it hasn't come yet

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Thanks guess ill give it a few more days and then contact them

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Mine took 5 days

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So I broke down and bought one of the Amazon batts..I got the 4.35 one and passed the 50cent it was dead on arrival but its also taking forever to charge...looks identical besides a few extra lines of print..must be nice seeing it charge so long..its hopefully a good sign that my original over a year old was about shot! Lol I get parts for my business that always work ..sometimes seem even better..but didn't want to buy a case of batts for my anyway...I'm checking it out now! Woohoo backup!

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I've purchased one of the cheap ones they sent from China or somewhere and it worked fine I couldn't be happier.

Also washed one of my batteries completely and didn't think it would work anymore but the dryer completely dried it out and it works great.

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