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Jan 16, 2012
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But I refuse to lick the spoon...

With all of the issues coming from the update to 5.x I'm glad that we're (hopefully) going to get a stable and bug free build for the turbo.. But wow.. Its almost starting to feel like the bionic.. Any previous bionic owners might know what I'm referring to..

What do you think?? Obviously we don't want a buggy build that's half baked.. But I'm really starting to wonder... As I'm sure many of us are.. What's going on? Even in the news section on the moto forums.. Its mostly member chatter.. Lots of questions and speculation..
That's all that it is anywhere...wishing...hoping...speculation...frustration...questions...disappointment.
Yeah.. Kind of frustrating but as I've said.. I prefer to get a good update.. But it'd be nice to know the device isn't forgotten, so to speak.
Lenovo buys Motorola, quality slips into the toilet for the software yet again.

Why couldn't Google have kept Moto? How can anyone trust Lenovo after Superfish?

Yeah, better to wait. But my question is, if all the Turbos have the exact same hardware, why is it so darn hard to fix a simple bug? It's not like "well, nVidia GPUs call the API at this point in the cycle, and Intel GPUs call it two clocks later, but AMD GPUs call it early, and that just screws up the whole rendering process down the pipe" in some games. It's a modem, it's RAM, it's a well-documented SoC, and Verizon hasn't exactly changed the way its towers handle data. What's the issue?
I think the recent change of plans for the Moto X slowed things down for you guys (and others). It's no secret that they were in the middle of some sort of 5.X.X test on the Moto X (there were leaks about it all over the place) and then decided to switch gears and jump the Moto X straight to 5.1. Their dev team is probably focused on that right now, since the process already started. This is just me thinking out loud and purely speculation...but I think as soon as the Moto X update is finished the Turbo will be next in line and then the Droid Maxx shortly after that.
Idk.. Its kinda wouldn't be a huge issue if the device wasn't so locked down.. If we could actually root and rom.. It'd be a non issue. Currently the "root" is more of a flash ..
I'd be more frustrated if the phone wasn't ABSO-FREAKING-PHENOMENAL IN ITS CURRENT STATE!

Take your time, Moto...
Oh I have had Moto's since back when it was the StarTac... I definately remember the Bionic.... I have grown accustomed to feeling forgotten and that is ashame. They are masters at making you "feel" like you just bought lightening in a bottle when you get a new "flagship" Moto until you drive out of the lot......
Like you said, I do not want ANYTHING buggy.... IF there is the remotest chance then Do Not make the "update" automatic. I hate waking up and seeing a message "Your phone is Updated" (Good Luck)
At this point in my life I want as little Drama as possible.
I'd be fine with the phone "as is" it works great, it actually performs the tasks assigned like being a phone etc.
I'm good.
That was the Cool phone of all time. At a time when there was not 30 other cool devices out there, you actually felt like Captain Kirk with that thing.
I remember buying that and having the salesman asking if I wanted to buy a belt holster..... I just laughed and said, This baby is going right in my pocket! What a great little phone.
Me too. Star tac add on too.. Did you ever have that? It was a battery pack and extended memory and dialer.. It allowed for 1 touch dialing without opening the phone .. Push the unlock code and then just push the number for that contact.. It was pretty cool... At the time.

Had that until I got blackberry then the droid x then the x2, then bionic, razr, razr maxx, razr maxx hd, maxx and now the turbo..
I had my StarTac outfitted with all kinds of Doodads.... I know it had an expanded battery, don't remember what all it did. That was sometime mid-last century.
I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.
Lol.. Sounds like the same unit.. Plugged into the bottom of the phone and mounted on the shoulders...
Wierd how the World changes, I thought it was cool "How Small" the StarTac was compared to the monster phones of the time .... Now look. It's going the other way - Phones keep getting Bigger and Bigger.