stereo Wireless bluetooth headset

I have the S9 (before it was revised, I think). It works ok but I was using it with my old Chocolate (vx8500) to go running and it cuts out with a lot of movement. I don't know if it's a general bluetooth thing or if it's the hardware, but if I kept the phone in my pocket it would cut out constantly. My solution was to grab a zune arm band and cram the chocolate phone in there and it worked fine strapped to my upper arm unless I turned my head quickly (checking for traffic). If I'm stationary it worked fine if I wandered from my bedroom to my front room in my apartment, so there's probably about 20-30 feet you can play with.

I would also note that the base that rests on (above) the back of your neck isn't suited for certain things. If I was laying down (to bench press) or sitting down in a recliner to use with my PS3, it gets real uncomfortable real quick.

I was just wondering myself how useful it would be with my Droid. I had been using my chocolate with regular ear buds before I got this, but now with Pandora I'd like to see if the pause on the headset controls work with the app.
I think the Bluetooth standard does not allow for stereo sound and microphone at the same time.

You can have stereo audio or mono audio + microphone, but you can't have both at the same time, even if the device supports multiple profiles.

The S9 and HD will bind for HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP with a Droid. If you are listening to music and you receive a call, the music pauses, you hear a ring, and you can answer with the S9 call answer button. The S9 mic carries your voice and you hear the caller in mono through both ears. Hang up and the music resumes on its own.

You can't do both at once, but a good BT design like the Droid's lets you listen to music and take calls and it switches on its own painlessly. has a deal today on a pair of LG's for $25 total with shipping. Looks like they got pretty decent reiews. My only concern is that for me, I listen to my music pretty loudly when working out and since these are the kind that sit on the outside of your ear, everyone will be able to hear my music.

But for anyone looking for a cheap, decent pair of bluetooth headphones these might fit the bill.
For anyone wondering, I just charged my S9 and tested it with Pandora. The pause and next track buttons on the headset work with the app.
I wish there was a BT standard that let you have everything.

If you could get stereo AND hands-free, I could see using one BT headset for everything, from gaming to calling.

Alas, that day looks like it'll be a few more years away.
For anyone wondering, I just charged my S9 and tested it with Pandora. The pause and next track buttons on the headset work with the app.

Same with, it's as if the remote profile is going to work for everything because the individual apps don't need to do anything/much and Android does all the heavy lifting. Voice command will be sweet. Pout. OK, pout over, I just remembered there are 4,700 things I can do with this phone I couldn't do with my WinMo doorstop.
Has anyone tried these with the Droid? I'm interested in knowing if they are fully compatible (volume, forward, backward, answer and end call). Any help would be really appreciated!
does anyone know if they make like really small ear bud type ones where people wouldnt know im not listening to them?