Steinheil Ultra Crystal vs. Seidio USG


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Jul 30, 2010
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My wife and I each purchased a Droid X today. dancedroid

I was planning on getting the Steinheil crystal screen guards for them, but then I read on some sites that the Seidio ultimate screen guards have a smoother glass feel to them. It seems as if many of you here have the Steinheils. Both guards have great track records and seem to have very similar traits...other than the smooth feeling.

Can any of you enlighten me on which is best, or is this a coin-flip situation? Thanks.
Thanks mec6250 for the input. Can you tell me why you prefer the Steinheil? I'm jsut looking for some data to help make a final decision. Thanks.
I suggest you get one of each and try them on your phones and actually tell us which one is better.
I haven't tried any of seidio's products, but they seem to have a solid track record. And while I can't speak for anyone else, I LOVE my Steinheil UCP on my droid X. It really does not feel like it's there, it helps cut down glare (a little) and makes me feel like I can take a dremel tool to the front (not that I would...)

Either way, you'll be happy and feel better. But I agree, you should each get one and see which you like more.
I like the fit better - looks barely there and the application was easy - no liquids. I thought it was thinner than the other model. I have had both the anti fingerprint and the crystal. Crystal gets finger prints but I spray it with a light mist of alcohol and wipe with a microfiber cloth to clean every morning. I haven't had one scratch, lift or discolor and I only change the original to try the anti fingerprint type. Expensive but good reliable product in my experience
i got the steinheil ultra crystal just to try it out. i am normally against screen protectors but the droid x screen is so large it became a concern for me. i never had a screen protector on my old droid and never had any scratches. but the steinheil really surprised me. it almost feels like sliding your finger on naked glass. its really nice. fits nice and install was less than 5 min. no bubbles. i recommend it.
Got the Steinheil and have no complaints yet. Hardly notice its on the screen.
i also ordered the Steinheil Ultra Crystal two days ago..a lot of good reviews except the fact that there is a very tiny line not covered on top or bottom/left or right..depending how you put it on....i was trying to look for one that was 100% exact fit but i have not found one so far and my phone was sitting here with the factory screen cover on it so i needed to hurry and order something casue i dont wanna take it off till i have a new one to put on...veryyy annoying with the factory one on...i think waiting for these screen protectors to get here is worse than it was waiting for my phone lol
I ended up with the Steinheil. It took < 5 min to put one on bubbles or dust. I really like it.

I tried putting the second one on my wife's phone and the one edge was just a hair too close to the lip of the screen, so it had long area of no adhesion. When I pulled it up a bunch of dust got on the film. I can't seem to get it all off either. I'll try some of the washing methods I saw on other forums. if that doesn't work I'll order another set. When applied correctly, they are crystal clear and you can't tell they are on there.
Mine came with a six pack of dust remover stickers. Oh, but I only got one screen protector with full body kit.

Ok, so it looks like the ultra crystal clear is the best choice of the steinheil screen protectors.
I haven't read anyone saying they have tried both brands? ...i've only tried the cheap ebay version and others have tried Verizon as comparison.

There is also the Zagg and Ghost Armor. I am really interested in the full body ghost armor. can some one review and and a comparison, please?
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