Steering Wheel controls?


Nov 23, 2010
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This might seem like a rather odd idea, but I was thinking about installing a Pioneer Appradio 2 to control my phone on my car stereo. I can't justify spending who knows what on installation costs when all I want is to hear my Pandora through my stereo and conveniently able to switch apps. Then I thought about a possible workaround, using my steering wheel. It has Volume/Channel up/down and a Mode button.

  1. Is there a way to integrate my steering wheel buttons into switching volume, changing tracks and switching modes while still being able to use it with my existing stereo? I have an AM/FM radio w/ CD player and also a tape deck.
  2. Is there a way to hook up a backup camera to your Smartphone via bluetooth?
My current setup is Smartphone to Bluetooth to tape deck adapter to stereo. I had the car dock for my RAZR MAXX but the audio went bad on it.


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Dec 2, 2009
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The car has a special interface and i have never seen where any one has done what you are talking about .
I was trying to get the steering wheel buttons on my saturn ourlook to run the Bluetooth like the factory onstar does.
I found a guy who did an adapter and it was no easy task. It was limited to a few makes of cars at that time and you had to disconnect the onstar hardware.
I can look on my computer later and post the link. Maybe it has advanced further now.