Sprint Unveils Their LTE Plus Network and The “Biggest Wireless Offer in History”


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Dec 30, 2010
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Sprint had a big announcement today. The Now Network may have fallen to the back of the pack, but that just means they are working even harder to offer competitive value. They just rolled out their new LTE Plus network and it is going online today in 77 major markets. Along with this new network, they are also offering an incredible discount on service.

First, LTE Plus utilizes advanced cellular technologies coupled with cell site optimization. This creates double the network capacity and speed as well as faster service. The service is also stronger and more reliable thanks to “smart antenna technology,” that uses three bands of spectrum (1.9GHz, 800MHz, and 2.5GHz). This carrier aggregation and signal processing technique can generate peak speeds in excess of 100Mbps (on compatible devices). According to Sprint's press release, 3rd party testing indicated that Sprint's new LTE Plus is faster than both AT&T and Verizon's networks.

The complete listing of markets where LTE Plus has been deployed can be seen in the map image above. It basically covers most major cities across the country.

Along with this newly improved network, Sprint is also rolling out a killer new deal for customers as a "celebration." Sprint specifically claimed this is the "Biggest Wireless Offer in U.S. History." While you will need to read the fine print to make sure all the numbers are accurate, the new plan basically cuts 50% off most of AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon plans.

Here's the gist of it: Sprint is basically offering to cut 50% off the plans of your current carrier if you port your existing number to Sprint. This cut includes your data plan and monthly access/line charges. That's not all, Sprint also plans to pay new customers up to $650 if they switch. This effectively covers your early termination fees at up to $650 per line.

The offer will be available to new Sprint customers starting November 20 through January 7, 2016, and the discounted rates will continue through Jan. 8, 2018. For existing Sprint customers, they are giving away a free tablet and one year of free service if you sign a new 2-year contract.

For all of the details, be sure to hit up the source links below, and check out the images we included in the thread below as well.

Here are those Sprint images and a video to help show off the savings their new plan offers:




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All is good for those who live in a strong Sprint area. Otherwise the cost actually seems fitting, half the cost of the other carriers (VZW and AT&T) because it works half as well. But Sprint is doing what they can to keep their customers from jumping ship especially with them performing to par with many of the low cost carriers.
That's a pretty sweet deal for anyone living in a good Sprint coverage area. I just checked their map and they've really beefed up their standard 4G coverage in my area. Their new "enhanced" service, not so much. Regardless, it's great to see them working so hard to get back in the game. Impressive!

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Anyone know of the best site to look at coverage data? The price point plus even a hint of Verizon reliability has me thinking hard about it.
Sprint coverage is right there on the edge of being good enough to try... But that dang Big Red just works almost everywhere....
That's the problem, verizon and att has us always looking at the whole picture. Lets use the Mona Lisa as an example there's more to the painting then her smile but do we really care for the the finger nails on her hand? or the mountain in the distance? We as consumers are only focusing on the smile because this is were we live and work and we are there for 90%+ of our life's. How many times are you going to be in BFE?
Damn, Sprint has pretty good coverage in my area...hmm..

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I edited my second post above. I forgot to adjust some image tags, so we had 3 duplicate images. We now have more accurate data. Sorry I missed that. lol!
Damn, Sprint has pretty good coverage in my area...hmm..

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It appears to be for me as well but inside the house zero coverage. Walk down the driveway, great service.
Anybody with sprint lte plus want to post your results? It all sounds good on paper but in real life I've yet to see spint network speed in double digits.
Compared to Verizon old school lte

Where you at sprint?
i've never had 61 download on verizon, i'm lucky to break 20.
Here's my previous speedtests


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