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Oct 23, 2010
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Can anyone help me with SPB Shell 3d. Problem #1-Can't get the "Home Switcher" app to set default launcher. I have loaded both versions from the market place, neither will set a default. Problem #2- The Weather Screen (Widget) to read in English measure, it seems to default to Metric. Other than that, it's seems pretty cool. Thx for any help or advice.
Problem #2:

Hit the menu key from any home screen.
Select home settings.

Select panels.

Select weather.

This will allow you to change the scale everything is measured in (temp, wind speed, etc. ).

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If you download "moto home fix" from the market, it will then allow a "home switcher app" such as Home Smack or any other to set default launchers.
I used home control which allowed me when the other program wouldn't -_- hope it works with you too

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