Sony Xperia Z1 Touch Screen Issue


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Jun 15, 2013
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Hi All,

My Sony Xperia Z1 has this issue with the touch screen - seems I am not the only one. Sometimes the touch screen just goes crazy, literally. It does not recognise where you touch with the finger and it registers an input differently from where you touch. Eg: the keyboard would be a total mess when you start typing, you wouldn't be able to type a single word correctly!!; Scrolling - again a mess. It starts to scroll in different directions. Irrelevant where you touch, it just won't register your touch.o_O

The curious thing is that all of this disappears when you switch the screen off for a few seconds and you turn it on again. But this remedy is only limited and temporary because after a few minutes on use, it starts all over again, so you would need to switch the screen off and on several times. And it's just so frustrating, because the mobile is an excellent one and this issue is ruining the whole performance.

Do you know of any method to fix this problem?:(

Thanks in advance :):)