Somewhat venting.............


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Dec 10, 2009
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God forsaken desert, wishing to be back in Dixie
Okay first off I have to say I freakin love 1.0 BUT (and this is where my vent starts)...........

The themes are really not girl oriented and I am a bit frustrated. I am really wanting a Pink or Purple theme. I have asked anyone and everyone I know that themes but still no luck.

Come on guys give us girls some bling too..............

Can anyone help???????
The Droid is a mans phone. Don't tell my g/f :icon_evil:
Pink is gross... I am okay with purple tho!

Maybe there are just no girl designer artists out there, thats why we seem to get all these 'manly' themes. I guess mine is manly too. Come on out chick themers!
Yeah PDroid you should duck on that one!!! LOL

Yank I have contacted robertj but he is having family issues and has left the forums for now. Don't know when he will be back. I asked Bgill if he knew if robertj's themes were ported over and he was going to contact robertj but I never heard back.

As for all you "guys" saying the droid is a guy phone......... Lets just say I had mine before hubby and I rooted mine before hubby and have since had to root hubbys and keep his updated to the latest and greatest. So in my house the Droid was for a girl first!!! LOL

Seriously, I am really getting desperate in this....... I really need a pink or purple so I really hope someone helps me out.
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I would recommend hitting up Cuttalott and see if he/she will port this theme to sapphire.

Another option would be to get someone to port over JRummy's Pink Life theme from Lith Mod.

Hope that helps!

I did hit up Cuttalott but he/she is not ready to port it over to another rom yet. From what I have read there is a bit of bickering going on between Cuttalott and Jrummy. Apparently Cuttalot used a lot of stuff from Jrummy's Pink Life and did not give credit. Not sure I want to get into the middle of that battle asking to have a theme ported over...........

Guess I am stuck waiting endlessly.......... cuz I'm not leaving Sapphire. Just really want a girly theme!!!
Well what does Sapphire have to do to jrummy. Both are different Roms. I did ask Cuttalot to port his 24k Black Gold to Sapphire but never got an answer from him :(
My first encounter with a Droid X in the wild was girl who had one at the community pool... Didn't know much about it though, sad.

Definately showed interest in my D1 when it ran as fast as hers did :)
Well what does Sapphire have to do to jrummy. Both are different Roms. I did ask Cuttalot to port his 24k Black Gold to Sapphire but never got an answer from him :(

Cuttalot responded to me that he was not ready to port his themes over to sapphire yet. Then when reading in the Themes section I saw that there are some disputes going on between Cuttalot and jrummy over giving credit where credit is due. Apparently Cuttalot is using a lot of jrummy's images to make his theme and not giving credit to jrummy. That is what I was referring to. I am not going to get in the middle of asking either one again for their themes, just gonna avoid the feuds.

Edit: besides, jrummy is a complete rom with a theme attached. I just want themes, already got my rom of choice
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Here is a purple passion port for you.
Im not too good, but I tried!

Its the sapphire rom, themed and its in format.
You might be missing some Googleapps, so use their

Make a backup first please!

Tell me how it goes! Im curious, as I havent tested it out, but you should be good to go.