Some Nexus 6P's back camera glass spontaneously shattering?

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Jan 21, 2010
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I've seen this story 2 different places, with different specifics.

At least one person claims their phone was sitting on a table, not being messed with in any way & the glass on the back shattered.

Another article has someone claiming they had theirs face down, heard a popping sound, & looked down to see the glass shattered.

Hit up the AP article below for pictures.

Obviously, if this happens to enough people, it'll be easier to make a warranty claim for a defect without having to try & prove that you didn't slam the device down. If it's truly spontaneous, it should be covered under the standard warranty as a manufacturing defect.

Some Nexus 6P Owners Are Reporting Spontaneously Broken Rear Glass Panels

If they really are prone to shattering spontaneously, a case likely won't help keep this from happening.

Here's hoping this isn't a widespread problem. Maybe one small batch? Or maybe some people trying to place the blame elsewhere?

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Yeah, I find it weird it would just spontaneously crack. Hopefully it's not a widespread issue.

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Suspicious for sure. Although if the lens is tempered, and there was a problem with the tempering process that could leave the glass very brittle.

Something to keep an eye on ...
Could also be a difference in expansion/contraction between the metal & glass, without proper tolerance between.

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Could also be a cool new feature. Maybe it's shedding the old glass to reveal a glorious under-glass that it'll use to attract a mate.

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I'll probably end up with one of those phones that doesn't want to move out. It'll just have the mate move in and I'll have to support two phones. What did I get myself into..

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Good thing I have cases coming, cover it up as much as possible.

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Always good to have some protection. Haha

I've got a couple on the way too. Wasn't planning on using then right away, but they'll at least protect that back glass from accidentally setting it down a little too hard...

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That's been my one worry so far. Setting the phone down on the back glass.

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Well, I swear I heard a slight little pop last night with my phone on the bedside table. Can't be sure if it was as I set it down or if it was already sitting there, but I definitely wasn't dropping it hard orr anything.

I glanced at the back glass & didn't see any issue. Just what I thought was some dirt.

A bit later, I wiped out off & investigated further. I have a hairline crack right about in the middle of the back glass.

It seems to be OK other than that, it should see if Huawei will do anything for this issue? I've seriously never dropped this phone, even on the couch. I've caught it a few times as it was on its way down, but never managed to actually have it impact on something.

Luckily, this crack doesn't go over the camera lens, flash, or auto-focus laser & its very hard to see without holding the phone in the perfect position.

If this is the worst that happens, I guess I can live with it, but I'm wondering if this crack has created a new weak point or alleviated some of the stress on that glass...


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