Some Nexus 6P's back camera glass spontaneously shattering?

Omg! I had forgotten how crisp this big screen is & how quickly it responds to everything!

Thank God!

When I went to log back in to the phone, it said it was last used 20 days ago. Let's not do that again...

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Glad your baby is safe and sound. I really can't leave this phone for a few hours. My maxx is nothing compared to this.
Good as new! They even put the protective plastic over it for shipping.

Best part? I saved the box & the plastic sleeve that the phone came in & shipped it to them in that. They returned both. Pretty impressed that they kept it all together. I assumed they'd have their own method of packing it back up & discard my packing materials.

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I've had no signal issues & am very impressed with the reception vs the S3. I was up at camp plowing yesterday. Spotty coverage there & on the way, but I was able to call my wife when I was about halfway home, in a tiny little town. With the S3, I barely made the call & lost her right away. With the 6P, I had her on the line through the town & miles down the road before the call dropped & was able to call her back much more quickly than with the S3.

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