Some Bugs Are Popping Up On Pixel Devices Running Android 8.1


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Oct 6, 2011
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The first bug isn't really new it just seems like Google may not have addressed an already existing bug in Pixel devices. Some Pixel devices are still having bluetooth issues after the Android 8.1 update. This update has been promised to be on the way for months now and users were expecting this fix in the 8.1 Oreo update. Most complaints come from users who are having issues connecting to car stereos. Some can't get phones to connect and others are experiencing bluetooth cutting out when notifications come in. Hopefully we will finally see a patch for bluetooth on the Gen 1 Pixel device soon.

The Pixel 2 XL seems to have a slower fingerprint scanner after the Android 8.1 Oreo update. Users are reporting that the finger print scanner takes about a second longer to unlock after the update. Luckily Google has already said that they are looking into a fix for this issue. Hopefully they will get it fixed sooner than the OG Pixel Bluetooth bug.

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Fingerprint just as fast as first day on 8.1 rooted with custom kernel ...very happy to not see any bugs on my phone ...

Pixel 2 XL
Fingerprint just as fast as first day on 8.1 rooted with custom kernel ...very happy to not see any bugs on my phone ...

Pixel 2 XL


Why am I not surprised.
naw, they have no more bugs than most os new releases and this includes windows operating system.

Though I wouldn't doubt that there are people having those issues I'm not. Now the issue I do have is that on speaker phone I'll notice it will get quiet like the speaker phone is toggling itself off. I'll have to turn speaker phone off then back on. It has become so annoying that I had to find a headset and use that dongle.

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My fingerprint scanner is thankfully still fast as it gets, but my screen does flicker when I turn on or off the screen with either button or scanner. I am trying disabling ambient screen and adaptive brightness as some have said it stops. If it does, I can wait until a patch to turn those back on.