android 8.1

  1. DroidModderX

    Some Bugs Are Popping Up On Pixel Devices Running Android 8.1

    The first bug isn't really new it just seems like Google may not have addressed an already existing bug in Pixel devices. Some Pixel devices are still having bluetooth issues after the Android 8.1 update. This update has been promised to be on the way for months now and users were expecting this...
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    RUMOR: Galaxy S9 To Hit Store Shelves In March Without Android's Latest Version

    The rumors are coming in quick for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9. Previous rumors have suggested that the phone will launch very early. That might be as early as CES or it could be just before Mobile World Congress in February. A recent report suggest that the phone will be unveiled in February...
  3. DroidModderX

    Factory Resetting Your Phone On Android 8.1 May Brick It.

    Google is finally beginning to realize that there are ways to get around their Factory Reset Protection. No matter what changes they make to try and keep a would be thief from being able to use a stolen phone methods are always found to get past their security measures. With factory reset if a...
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    Android 8.1 Developer Preview What's New?

    Now that the latest version of Android 8.1 DP is starting to roll out to devices you are probably wondering what all has changed and whether or not it is worth the trouble to install this early developer preview build or not. Here are a few changes we have noticed right off the bat...
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    Android 8.1 Developer Preview Is Here!

    It may be hard to believe, but Android Oreo has been out for a while now and Google is getting ready to give us another update. They just started rolling out the Android 8.1 Developer Preview Build to those in the Android Beta Program. Google has promised that we will see a final 8.1 build in...