Software update next week!


Oct 19, 2010
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What have you seen and heard about the software update next week ? Comeon lay it out there. You excited about it ? You can do it from your phone right you don't have to go into Verizon do you ?

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Not excited

All I saw was that Verizon was forcing their own app store onto my phone which I do not want. More forced junk ware is what it seems like. I don't think it is going to be a newer version of the OS or anything.
Looks like bloatware. Forced vcast apps that are charged by verizon monthly. Seriously, didn't they put enough crap on here that most users don't want. Ugh note if these start doing like skype and can cityid and the others, well I would seriously consider asking fire a lot of help and rooting both my phone and my moms phone. I'm ok tech wise, she is learning. Ugh this makes me mad. Sorry for the rant

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What I find funny is you can already access the VCast store through the android market. I guess they are going to separate it from the android market which will probably make things worse for Verizon.
They are separating it because you can bill stuff from vcast to your bill.
Yeah forcing some of those apps on us sucked, but didn't it also install Gingerbread? :)

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It didn't install GB. It did, like posted, install Vcast and I think Slacker. It did fix some bugs with Comcast POP3 mail accounts and another POP3 mail account. It also , if you have Comcast mail anyway, now keeps mail on your Droid even if you clear the server via a desktop.