2.3.4 update, I have some good news


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Apr 19, 2010
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Staten Island, NY
I just got off the phone with HTC Tier3 tech support, very friendly person on the other line told me they will push the 4.0.8.xxxxxx back " did not go thru this morning" to my phone within a week " I have the 4.0.6 xxx", they are doing a major software update push as we speak, now make sure you clear all your emails and texts, cookies and the sort. Bring up your phone dial pad and press *#*#243546#*#* , the numbers spell check in, you are checking in to HTC and Google, to let them know that you are in line for the software update, hope this helps. I also moved all the big hog apps to my SD card.

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Thanks... I hope it's right, I don't like running my phone with nothing. It defeats the purpose of having a smart phone! :) Keep us posted.

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Thanks for the info. I typed *#*#243546#*#* into my dialpad and when I got to the last character, it all just went away. Should I assume that it actually did something?
Yes. The checkin worked. The numbers will just disappear. The HTC rep I talked to said that the phone will check for the update every 14 days. I was in the process of replying (email) and asking if there was a way to force the phone to check sooner than that and I got distracted (ADD).

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Well, I just changed the date on my phone to a month later and went to system settings. It then downloaded and started the install for the 4.08 version, but got stuck when it was trying to reboot. I'd be curious to see if anybody else tries this and gets a similar result...

(I also going to post this same message in the other conversations)