Social Droid Networking Site!

Alright. I did my part. I signed up.

I got excited when I saw "applications" thinking that there would be a program where you could pick all the applications you had on your phone and the results would be compiled so people could see what many other droid users had installed on their phones for ideas of what they wanted. XD
Or maybe that IS implemented, and I'm just so ditzy that I missed it. :p
It's just more personal, So if you like that kinda of thing you should stop over and check it out.

It does make it easier to help people when you feel you know them a little bit.

I don't think any site could ever match the amount of info that DF has!!!


Welcome to DCom
Yes I agree. And it's a nice site and it's real cool and there are real cool people on there too, to help out like me and more.