SMS Notification LED


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Feb 21, 2010
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I am currently having an LED notification issue with my Nexus. I searched the forums, and noticed that some people were having issues with Handcent, but my issue seems to be a little bit different. ALL other LED notifications work, but it seems that my LED just will not come on for SMS/MMS. I have tried Handcent, and Go SMS Pro. Neither of the two will blink the light (even when locking the screen.) I installed LightFlow, and tested it out that way. The LED works fine for everything in LightFlow, again EXCEPT for SMS/MMS. I made sure to read the hint in LightFlow about unchecking "Disable Other Message Notifications." I also tried having LightFlow use the alternate check method, and I tried a different color LED. Just for the sake of troubleshooting, I also tried disabling the notification within the Handcent/GoSMS apps, thinking maybe the notification was trying to fight with LightFlow. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled LightFlow, and went back in and toggled enabled/disabled it in accessability.

Anyone else having this issue? If so, any idea on what a fix might be? My phone usually stays on vibrate due to work, so with no LED, it's causing me not to respond to messages in a timely manner.

**UPDATE** - I restarted and cleared the cache partition, uninstalled and reinstalled LightFlow, and now it seems to be working. We'll see how long it continues to work.