Lightflow / LED Notifications with CM4D2-GB


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Sep 7, 2011
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I'm on the 8/30 nightly. I use LightFlow for LED notifications and there seems to be some sort of conflict between the built in notifications manager and LightFlow. In fact, I really couldn't get the built in notification manager to work well on my Droid2. If I selected a particular color, a different color would display. Eventually it got to the point that it would just randomly blink random colors for a random amount of time.

Is there any way to disable Cyanogenmod's LED control so that Lightflow can take over completely?
Yeah, I'm having trouble with my LED too. And by trouble, I mean it's not working. At all. For any program. Ever. I tried messing with the LED settings in CM Settings, and still nothing.

I haven't really tried on stock or another ROM, because I haven't used anything other than CM7 in a while. I should probably do that I guess...