smashed my Incredible. which new phone should I go for?

which phone should I go

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Feb 14, 2011
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I smashed my Incredible by dropping barbell on it while I was squatting. (Don't ask how. lol. LOOONG story)

Anyways, now I have to get a new phone. I decided to get a phone on Ebay that has good ESN since getting through a new phone through verizon is way too costly.

I'm considering Samsung Fascinate, Droid X, or Incredible again. My logic is, hey buy a used or refurbished phone for 200-250, and then sell it back when I can upgrade my phone on Jan 2010. Hopefully I won't drop a dumbbell on it in the meantime, and maybe salvage at least $100 back from it.

So please help me get a new phone.

I rooted my Incredible before and used Sense Rom 3.5, which was very solid. (but I used Launcher Pro instead of using Sense UI)

I heard bad things about Fascinate's UI although its hardware is over the top. So, my question is, is there a good, stable Froyo rom for Fascinate that will let me transition to Fascinate easier?

I heard Droid X cannot be rooted. I also heard now it's possible to root it, just not fully. Can someone say what's the reality?

So please help me choose my phone considering the estimated resale value in 1 year and ease of transition from HTC Incredible.

Thank you.
The Droid x can be rooted but has a locked bootloader which prevents you from flashing alternate kernels or recoveries so all roms are built off of the Motorola build versions. If you're looking for total customizability go with the fascinate or another incredible.

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spaz, thank you. I guess Droid X is off the list then.

I have a question though. On ebay, refurbished Fascinate go for like 200-230 where as USED Incredible goes for much higher. Fascinate came out later than the Incredible. Is there a reason for this difference? Is Fascinate less in demand? For particular reason?
so, was the smashing accidental or intentional? ;-)

I have a D2 and kinda wish i would have gone with the all touchscreen and bigger dX. dX has some great roms (imo liberty is the best dX/D2 rom) and alternate kernals i have found arent really that important. I have my D2 running Launcherpro+, Liberty v1.5, and oc'ed 1.35LV. Very smooth operation and i can run it at 1.2ghz and still be lag free. dX also has 8MP camera and pretty good video recording from what i have seen. If i had to get a new phone now it would prolly be the dX then once the Droid3 comes out ill prolly be wanting that. Good luck with the new phone and hope this can help.
so, was the smashing accidental or intentional? ;-)


Well I do have to pay at least $200 more now. So completely accidental and rather devastated at the moment. SIgh.... I wish I had a spotter.
so, was the smashing accidental or intentional? ;-)


Well I do have to pay at least $200 more now. So completely accidental and rather devastated at the moment. SIgh.... I wish I had a spotter.

urk... sorry, too bad.


haha no worries man. It's not the end of the world. I just found out Fascinate 2 will be released in Asia and Europe at the end of this month. No wonder their price is pretty low
Go with a fascinate the UI is better then any other like when I get a text on the stock lockscreen I get a puzzle piece that I drag to go right to the message in my notification bar I have wifi,data,gps,bluetooth and that's stock and when using stock music appear I get notification bar controls along with lockscreen controls honestly best phone on the market

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GREAT Tumba ... yeah, I'd take a serious look at the Fascinate 2, Samsung makes some good stuff -- I had a Samsung phone before moving up to the Droid 2 last year. Was very pleased with it.