New phone with vanilla flavor?


Jul 25, 2010
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Does anyone know any news and or rumours about a new android vanilla flavoured phone coming from motorola or any manufacture? I didn't say htc has I believe they'll always use the sense UI and samsung will always use whatever samsung uses for their UI... I forgot LG but they are new and I haven't heard anything regarding they're phones...
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No Vanilla that I know of, unless you go Nexus S on Sprint.
No I'm not remotely interested in sprint due to the fact that I had $hitty service off my gsm samsung rant with sprint. Plus I had a f&$ 500 for $55 and I let it go so I'm not going to their $69.99 everything plus plan. And my friends still has bad service off her lg muziq etc so I have bad sprint service. So, no vanilla for verizon? And it's too early to start talking about fourth quarter phones... :(

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That's what I asked the service guy... But that's what he told he said that's why I got terrible service... He even said he was sorry to use jargon on me and said well phones have different systems and I asked him oh you mean gsm, cdma, and iden... And he said exactly and he proceeded to tell me my phone was on's possible cause boost/nextel are on iden...

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