Skype with no Front Camera


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Aug 6, 2010
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Sorry if this was discussed before. I did a forum search for "Skype with no front facing camera" and had no relevant hits.

I was wondering, with verizon and skype being in cahoots, how can one skype with no front facing camera. I haven't recieved my droid x, but saw that the camera is on the back. Does this mean that one is expected to flip the camera around after talking so the other person can see your face? Please, Please, Please tell me I'm missing something because this would make this application pretty much useless and yet another false advertisement scheme from Verizon ( 5 GB cap, anyone?)

I'm not trying to be negative but please tell me I've missed something.
So we can just use the voice function of skype? THe purpouse being to save minutes? Too bad. I wish I knew this before I hassled verizon for 6 hours to let me upgrade 2 days early. My phone broke and I needed one immediatly for work. They wouldn't let me upgrade 2 days early, ridiculious, I know. I finally got them to give me the upgrade price 200 versus 550, and I said that I wanted to use it for video conferancing, so I guess it can't.....maybe, unless I'm wrong.
There are some other apps for video conferencing but I think they're in the early stages of development.

The evo has a front-facing camera. So does the iphone 4.
uh, mirrors?

A 2nd camera costs $, takes space, probably doesn't have any accomodations in any current build of Android.....

I think it's more about creativity than conspiracy. Go onto the Google Android site and get a big demand going, but don't expect it tommorrow. Hey, they'll come.

Hasn't anybody ever used or tried a mirror? Try it and post your experience(s) here on this thread! Some experiences and tips would be helpful to lots of people.
Maybe use a mirror? Pretty simple solution for the short haul