Skype vs others?


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Sep 4, 2010
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Hey guys, I have been using skype on my laptop for the past few years as way to communicate through my friends and clients through voice/video/text chat...when i got my droid(s) i installed it on it and also been using it on it also...

But recently i came across in a magazine (pc advisor 150 best software apps) regarding talking about VoIP calling apps including one called comes with .50 cents trial for calling (local and international)

I tried it and it works fine (called russia)...but here is the dilema..

what is the better deal regarding calling in usa and international using apps.

Skype on one hand can be used on regular phones, laptops, smart phones etc... and has a rough rate of 2.7cents per minute for russia...

on the other hand app like truphone has rate of roughly 1/4 of a cent per minute ....but it has a 5 cent connection fee (doesnt matter if you talk for an hour or a will still have that fee)

So i am wondering which one would you guys prefer...if non of these two, which one do you know that might be even a better deal?

also i am just wondering do you guys know any good apps for vid calling

Thanks guys you are life savers