Skipping playback on Audio when using Stock music player, Winamp or even others


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Sep 16, 2011
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I noticed this to be a problem and at first thought that somehow my audio files got corrupted from transfer from my computer to my phone. However when checking on my computer the playback is fine. I double confirmed that by playing it on an IPOD as well. I even went as far as to reload the audio onto my phones SD card. The problem still persist and is annoying as can be. It reminds me of the days when a CD would skip.

I have tried multible programs and nothing has fixed the issue. I have turned notification to silent because at first all notification would pause the music and even play through the headphone jack. Even with notifications set to silent I'm still getting intermitant pauses in my music for no reason. I have tried shutting down background programs to make sure that the poor bionic CPU is not overtaxed. No improvment.

Is anyone else having this problem? It also does not go away when listening just through the phone speakers. I can not find a fix for it. It has made me want to go back to my Original droid. Atleast it could play audio files with little to no problems. The stuttering/skipping has gotten so bad at times that it will do it 5-8 times per song.

Please please help as I use this is my primary audio player in my work van through the AUX port.

Thanks again for your help


Original droid boinic not rooted YET
running Winamp, and factory installed music player