Siedio Surface Case and Extended Battery


Jun 3, 2010
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Hey guy was wondering if anyone has the Siedio Surface case and is using the Samsung extended battery? Im curious to know what the fitment is?

You can use the seidio surface case and the extended battery. However you have to use the original battery door, not the extended battery door which comes with the extended battery. The original battery door will fit over the extended battery but it's a tight fit. I've been using my phone with the extended battery, original battery door, and surface case since January and I haven't had a problem with it.
I know it's been awhile but how did the official extended battery work out for you? I'm considering buying an extended battery but I'm trying to look at all my options and after reading most of the reviews on amazon I'm leery at best on which to choose. I currently have one standard oem backup with the separate battery charger from Samsung. Ideas or recommendations regarding extended batteries? Thanks guys!

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Honestly the battery life hasn't been spectacular. I popped the extended battery in when I got the phone and never used the standard battery so I can't really give a comparison. That said I love the fact that it keeps the phone the same size as normal (when used with the standard cover) but you will have to put it in a case as the standard cover is a bit bulgy with the extended battery under it. Regardless I've almost always got somewhere to plug it in so it hasn't been an issue.