Help decide for battery and case


Dec 5, 2011
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So I traded my rezound in for a ne,us and debating on either traxxel or siedio 3800mah battery. Is the traxxel one good ? And also I want a case for the extended battery I'm deciding on either a siedio case or just a regular hard case. Or one that you guys recommend. Let me know want to order tonight
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I bought the Siedio recently and wasn't too impressed the first few days. But, I kept with the conditioning suggestions and on about day four it started holding a very nice all day charge. I'm quite pleased with it now.
idk if i should go hyperion or trexel, or go $40 more and get siedio, hmm
I hear you, and all I am familiar with, and just recently, is the siedio. You would think that the $40 would get you better battery quality, but you never know. Let us know what you decide and how it turns out. Most of the siedio reviews are good, as opposed to some of the others, that's why I went that way. But, I'm always willing to buy a better one too if you find it... :blink: