Should I try another one?


Dec 9, 2009
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I finally got the Gnex and was hoping that I would love it, but after a week, I'm on the verge of hating it. The signal strength issue combined with horrible battery life (which is probably related) is really troublesome to me considering the two-year extension of the contract.

I did purchase mine at Costco, which I'm really regretting because I have to deal with them until out of the return window.

I purchased the phone to take advantage of 4G, and the phone really doesn't like to stay connected to it. It's bad enough to keep having "handoff" issues, but the time between reconnecting to the next tower can range up to a minute or more. I drive the same route everyday, and the reception with my OG Droid has always been great.

What are the chances that another phone will be as bad? Are some actually better than others?

What's your advice?

Thanks in advance!

(EDIT- Yes, it was hardware related and yes the new phone is much better! It hasn't dropped service or calls in any of the areas the other one was. Please bear in mind that the signal isn't measureably better, but the "handoff" between cells is seemingly correct. And the battery life is MUCH better.)
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Nexus is known for inferior reception compared to motorola.. So unless you need ICS phone, and I would suggest picking up razr maxx instead.
I don't need ICS. But I like to root and have the flexibility to do what I want.
Well you can root razr and put custom rom on it so... It's really up to you. I have nexus and wife has maxx and I love both but she has much better signal reception and battery life is just uncomparable.
Same exact usage and screen time her phone down to 40% battery while mine is in single digits.
It's hardware related. Get another one.

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You can try another one, yes some are better than others. I have no signal issues.
also if you're comparing it to the d1. on your drive to work. lock it in 3g and see if there's a issue. might just be 4g in your area comes and goes. I know you got it for the 4g, so turning it off sucks, but atleast it would give you a fail comparison.

as for the hand offs, there's 3 different radios out to try if you root. which it sounds like you want to do anyways. I find the 4.0.3 radios best for me, while the newest 4.0.4 switch off between 3 and 4g faster and smoother, it seemed to always be switching. so i went back to .3.

for me the stock 4.0.2 was the worst.
check out the rezound my girlfriend has it and loves it says she gets good battery life.

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