Should I switch to Sprint from VZW?


Oct 6, 2010
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Are there any good phones in the pipe for Sprint and can I flash my Droid 2 Global to work on Sprint?

Also: they are giving me $125 to switch!

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Before switching make sure you are in their service area and won't be doing any roaming. They say unlimited roaming but it's not really unlimited. If you use 800 mins or 1/2 of your mins in roam a month for 3 months they will boot you. We were Sprint customers for 8 years, we moved and started to have to many roaming mins, got a letter from Sprint about it and now we are with Verizon. Sprint is cheaper then Verizon though.
Cannot flash it. Sorry.

Are you sure? The reason I ask is that I had a Motorola RAZR several years back that I brought over to Verizon, from Sprint. It worked like a charm on the Verizon network, up to the time I got my first Droid phone. That was of course, NOT a smart phone, so maybe I'm comparing apples to oranges...

i live in the 92122 zipcode which is well covered but I travel a lot. VZW has been awesome when I travel but I unno what ppls experiences with Sprint are
Well, since you asked I'm going to tell you. No, you shouldn't. Coverage is the reason why. Sprint is a small time player in this game and their coverage in certain parts of the country stinks. And the first time that happens after you switched you'll say "they told me so. Why didn't I listen?"
so Sprint doesn't have a roaming agreement for 3g with VZW? I heard rumors it does