Shazam Help (Rogue App)


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Mar 30, 2010
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D1 with UD 6.0.0

Im lost as to how and when it got installed.

Regardless, it showed up today and the program force closes 100%
I am also unable to uninstall, the option greyed out in manage apps.
The uninstall feature in Appbrain says "uninstall failed"

*This is not the version on the market, I installed it. It ran fine, I also uninstalled it and the old "version" is still on the phone
Since you're rooted, try seeing if Titanium Backup can uninstall it. Alternatively, there is a method to rename the apk via ADB which should also work. I don't know the specifc ADB commands but a search of the forums should show them.

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I would think going into settings>Applications and clearing the cashe for it could aslo manybe work
Thanks. Titanium backup, That worked. I also found it was installed by the watermark theme I had just installed.