Settings Menu


Nov 19, 2011
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Something I've noticed quite a bit while using my Nexus is that the regular settings menu seems to have a slight delay when selecting options.

Just say for example I open settings, scroll down a bit, and then touch "Battery." The battery option turns a light blue and then a slightly darker blue and there is a slight delay before actually entering the battery menu. It appears like this for all of the different options within the settings menu.

Is this normal? Not really a big deal or anything. Just have been noticing that and just thought now to ask.
Yeah, I just started really noticing the past few days. Not really a PROBLEM, but I mean, most of ICS is so smooth you think the settings menu would be snappy considering its just like a list of buttons!
Always noticed this. Never really bothered me.
I guess the phone has to think for a quick sec about what it needs to do! I've watched a couple youtube vids of ROM'd and overclocked phones and that delay is still there. Need those 2 gig CPU's already!