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Aug 27, 2011
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So my Droid 2 Global is a great texting device, and music player, and gaming device... except one feature wont work... CALLING. Randomly throughout the day my phone stops having call volume on speaker, ear-piece, or bluetooth, and I use my phone a lot. A re-boot always fixes the problem but i hate how people call me and I cant here them and need to reboot... Would installing some sort of ROM maybe fix this problem? This is my second D2G to do this too... Also, when the earpiece is at max volume, i can barely hear anything... useless
I had this problem too, until my d2g upgraded to version 2.3.3
After that it fixed that problem.

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i never had the problem UNTIL i upgraded to gingerbread, i think its a commonly occurring software problem, as my friends D2G had it too, but it was gone after an SBF, i think if you SBF your phone it should be remedied.
So if I SBF, then redownload GB is there a chance that it will work? I dont want to be stuck with Froyo again, sorry
Its worth a shot I believe, then if it still has a problem afterward you should look in to a replacement

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ive been having this problem. ive been dealign with it but im gonna get it replaced since my warranty ends in 3 weeks