Send Text Messages Via Phone Calls With RingText APP


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you are a world traveler then you understand that international communications via a cell phone can really add up pretty quickly and can become very expensive. Even as little as a text message can cost several dollars. Many people have created a system of codes to deliver messages without racking up bills. Some have figured out that calling and allowing the phone to ring once works pretty well to at the very least inform your loved ones back home that you are ok without incurring a crazy bill.

This fact inspired developer "ringlabs" to create the ringtext app which uses a phone call to send one of 100 predetermined text messages. It works by using underlying missed calls technology to send and receive messages. You don't need wifi, 3g, or 4g for this to work like you do with apps like whats app and viber. The app uses a missed call instead to send your message. Missed calls are free globally. It should be noted that the 100 messages can be customized. This app can be download for free at the play link below.

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