Semi-Simple Diary App needed with specific features..


May 16, 2011
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New Jersey
Hey DF Experts! (I feel rude for forgetting to put this in the first time around, hence the Edit:))


Hi guys, I am asking here as I have read through many app suggestions but there are specific features I am looking for and I was hoping you guys could narrow my search.

I am looking for a "Diary" app that also has a PC component. In particular, I am looking for what I am calling a Diary app that can be used on both my Phablet as well as my PC. The app would allow me to make entries with details that I can add, update, change, delete everything either via the Phablet or the PC and both will have the same information. So if I make any changes on one, the same changes, addition, or subtractions will be done in real time on the other device.

I would like to be able add entries using a date / time format with description. I would also like to be able to add sub-entries and if needed a to-do list. What would also be nice is that Sub tasks could be given a schedule if I choose, but doesn't have to be scheduled if I don't wont to. Scheduling with alarm would be nice to. I do not have anything like outlook or any other program on my PC so the only app that this diary could sync with could be Google Calendar, but I don't want to have to install any additional apps. Obviously, the diary app, could and or would be the only additional app needed to be installed. I would prefer the app be free and hopefully free of all push ads and possibly ad free all together. This isn't to say that I want the app's designer / developer to be compensated and if the app meets all my criteria, I would certainly when I have the opportunity to compensate them, I will.

I know that there are apps that have these kind of features like Evernote ect, but I don't need all the bloat that these amazing apps offer. I just want simple interface, and maybe an app where any of these stuff I could consider to be bloat could be turned off and not visible. I would like to be able to include hyper text links that would allow me to add external links if I feel that these links would add value to the entries. If I add and entry that includes a phone number or email address, it would be nice if I could do so using an entry from within my address book on the Phablet or within Google contacts (for the PC component).

For an example of something I would place in the diary would be something like this.


Date: 11/22/2112 Time: 0800 hrs
Entry(nn): Opened a new thread on (hyperlink) asking for suggestions for a simple diary app.

Alarm (Displayed in Notification Bar): in 2 days


Date: 11/22/2112 Time: 0815 hrs
Entry(nn): Need to take receipts for xyz to be taken to [Entry from addr book (though this dynamic entry does not require link to addr book but would be nice)] Toms Store[/Entry] for refund.

Alarm: 4 hours
[Tags] xyz, refund, money[/Tags]


Date: 11/22/2112 Time: 0815 hrs
Entry(nn): Feed Darwin
Alarm: None Needed


Date: 11/23/2112 Time: 0815 hrs
Entry(nn): Thanksgiving at sisters be early and bring spinach dig. [Hypertxt] Link to great recipe[/Hypertxt]
Entry1(nn): Ingredient list: 16oz Sour Cream, 1 Packet XYZ's Vegetable Soup Mix, 1/4 Cup Real Bacon.
Entry2(nn): Misc......, ......., ......
Notes: Place for Misc Notes.
Alarm: NONE


Date: 11/24/2112 Time: 2100 hrs
Entry(nn): Lost power due to thunder storm
Notes: Power now out 24 hours.
Note: Contact power company [Phone Number from Addr Book] link to addr book entry.

This just an example of some of the silly things I am looking to be able to use this "Diary" for.
I hope this all makes some sense what I am looking for. Like I said I am sure that there are many many apps out there that can do this, I am just hoping that there are apps available but I just dont want something that is already out there that has all kinds of silly features that I just dont need. I know that there are cloud apps out there, but they all sync with their own cloud and I just dont want something that stores my information with in their services and I just want as much privacy as possible and something that will just update seamlessly between my Phablet and PC with no app suite. I got my thought for this app after seeing somethings that I wanted to make some notes about somethings that I wanted to make some notes and noticing that all the apps I have are all tied to major apps that store info out on their own networks and just have so many other features in them that I just don't want or need. I don't need any fancy widgets or other (to me) useless other features.

If you guys could please give me some apps to look into I would REALLY appreciate it. I am guessing that there are apps on my Phablet that all ready offer me what I am looking for but just haven't thought to use them in a simplistic way which is why I came to may favorite forums site looking for some advise.

Please share your wealth of knowledge and by all means please dont hesitate to call me an absolute moron for asking for something that is already available to me!You guys are the best.

Thanks much!

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