Notes/Memos - phone & desktop - no server


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Dec 27, 2010
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As a relatively new user of a Droid X, Verizon, my biggest problem adapting to this is finding a good app for Notes/Memos. On my old Palm m515 (old PDA) I have over 300 “Memo Pad” entries, organized in “categories”, with some pretty long - not just quick “sticky note” types. The larger ones are easily 70+ lines with about 35 characters per line. These are various important information entries that I periodically refer to. I was able to transfer most of the contents, from the Palm into my MS Outlook – Notes, on my PC.
My main issue is what App would sync with my PC and allow me to enter or edit them on either the PC or on the Droid, and sync back to the other. I am reluctant to sync with some server, because of security concerns. Also, secondary, how do I get these Notes, now in Outlook on my PC, transferred into this App? Worse case is I can always “cut” out of Outlook and “paste” into this App, on the PC.
Basically, is there anything that will allow me to work with these Notes/Memos in something on the desktop AND on the phone, PLUS sync between the two, withOUT using some 3rd party server?
A Happy New Year to all.