Self-destructive photos...Redmi Note


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Jan 10, 2016
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Please help.

I use Redmi note 4g with miui7(recent update). From past 3 or 4 months i have noticed that some of my camera photos are getting spoiled automatically. Its like only half of it is visible and after some time it fully disappears and its only grey that i can see.

At beginning i felt that there is some bug and it will get solved. But now i am losing most of my photos. It usually happens with the camera pics and not with the ones that i receive from others or i download.

I have scanned my phone for virus...but i didn't find anything. Not sure what's d problem.

I am keeping screenshots of those pics so that u all can have an idea of what i am talking about.
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I thought that if I upload them and keep at a secure place as backup..i can get them back if its damaged in my phone. But today i noticed that 1 pic that i uploaded to dropbox some weeks ago got damaged. Now I'm really worried.

Anyone with the same problem?
Or someone who can help????