Seidio Nav Cradle Charge issue?


Dec 9, 2009
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Just got the NAV cradle. Love it. I can't say anything bad about it. But I did have a weird issue today when trying it out. I left the house with a full charge. Put it in the cradle. Battery indicator changed to a lightning bolt indicating an external power source. Used it in the cradle to navigate and talk hands free for 50 minutes. took phone off cradle. used it for three texts only. got back in car. noticed phone was down to 60 percent. I though that odd. Put it in the cradle and more closely watched the battery indicator. flashing battery and bolt indicates charging. drove for 40 min and pulled out of cradle. still 60 percent. got back in car and drove 20 min to home. still 60 percent. And yes the blue light on the power adapter was lit the whole time. Anybody else have any charge issues with the NAV cradle?
What are the specs on it?

It's also possible that your battery was running hot and unable to charge.
I'm having issues with the cradle as will charge my phone for a while then randomly stop as if I pulled it off the dock, and I haven't even touched it
So after some more experimenting and reading I have observed the following. as many of you have discovered the Droid gets hot when in NAV mode. Actually the battery is what gets hot. The problem with lithium batteries is they will not charge when hot. SO not only does the battery get hot but the doc compounds the issue by covering the back up allowing minimal air flow. I have used the doc but not actually navigating. I started at 70 percent battery and it did charge to 80 percent in my 20 min drive. This involved the display being on the whole time but doing nothing else. Removing the droid from the doc i observed that the battery cover was cool to the touch. So the real issue here is why does the Droid over heat while in NAV mode? I have seen many other posts of users stating that their Droid gets hot to the touch in NAV mode also.