SD Card Randomly Ejected Itself


Dec 28, 2010
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I am running a MIUI ROM, though I doubt it has anything to do with it. Specific version is 2012.5.12. I tried everything to try and format this card to get it recognized, but I have yet to do so. I tried the command prompt, Fat32Format, Windows 7 right click format, Windows 7 Disk Management and some other format GUI. None of which could detect it well enough to format. It might be dead as it was the stock 16GB mSD included with the DROID X. But does anyone have other ideas?
It's probably dead... The stock cards have a tendency to go out

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Well, I'm willing to accept that. But I would think if it is still recognized to an extent, that maybe something can be done. I mean it gets and accepts a drive letter, so it knows its a driver. It even installs the driver or w/e for it too... I just can't format it, only then does it seem to not know what it is haha. You think maybe if I used Linux to try?
It just depends on how it goes out... Typically... It'll be what your seeing.. Nothing you can really do... On any os..

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I see. Well they are inexpensive these days, but my problem is I don't Need one, I just want it to flash a ROM haha. Oh well. I had a 2.5inch WesternDigital external HDD like this though. It got weird, it didn't display the full size for w/e reason. It had a warranty so I just kept plugging it in and unplugging it until it wanted to format, then I had to use their special tool and its been working fine for 4 years.
Western digital, like Seagate and others, used to include a formatting program with their HDDs, so anybody could format the new drive and begin using it.
I remember when the 10 MB drives were 'huge capacity', then you saw the 40 meggers come out, and the 'RLL' drives...
I wish I still had a copy of those old drivers. But now, I really do not know what they supply with their new drives.

Anybody remember the drives from Rodime?
How about using DEC packs?

How about SCO XENIX on a PBX server for POS systems?

Now those WERE the days.....I am HAPPY to NOT need to relive again!