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Mar 23, 2011
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Ok so I screwed something up on my stock GB.602. A little background: I ride the subway to and front work so I use my DX as an mp3 player daily. Any music app that I used was picking up the angry birds sfx files and music files and adding them to my shuffle. I was getting sick of having to skip through all of these so I uninstalled angry birds, seasons, and rip. Good riddance. Well the audio files did not disappear. So I used Astro and found them in the sdcard/download/assets/data/audio/sfx. And I deleted them through Astro. Here comes the problem, since then my SD card is jacked. My phone is running super slow and I can't even open the stock music player. I have to unmount in the settings to perform any operation.

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I would copy anything important like pics and music to your computer and reformat the card (it's fat32). Then copy your pics and music, etc. back to the card. No need to worry about the other folders on the card. They will regenerate themselves as you use the phone. If that doesn't work, a factory reset may be in your future.
Unmounting and mounting may temporary fix your problem, but it won't get rid of the errors on your card. You'll have the error again someday and it's frustrating. Trust me I know. Here is what you need to do to rid yourself of the problem:

Connect your phone to your computer and activate the USB connect.
Go to your start menu on you computer and click "Computer". Then, locate the SD card on your phone. This will usually be the F or H drive.
Then right click this drive and go to properties. Click Tools and then under Error checking, click "Check now" . You will then be offered 2 different prompts and you must be patient here:
#1. Automatically fix file system errors
#2. Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.
I have a 32G card and #1 takes about 5 minutes and # 2 takes about 10. Obvisouly, both would take about 15 minutes+, so don't freak if you don't see the progress bar moving right away, or fast enough. I'm sure the time will vary, depending on how much you have on your card. Could take more or less time.
It will finish, when it finishes.

As a side note; You may want to consider the fact that one of the files that you recently downloaded, could be corrupted and may want to delete it. Good luck.
Nice! This is all performed through the computer? Nice to know there are options to fixing the card itself.