Apps on SD card won't update!


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Nov 17, 2009
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Droid X running standard 2.2.1. All of the apps that are loaded on my SD card have started refusing to update. I get the error message "Update unsuccessful" "unknown reason-18" for all of them! I tried moving Angry Birds Seasons back to the phone memory but it still would not update. I then deleted it and tried to reload it, cleared the Market Cash, it will not reinstall... I'm now an angry bird! Any thoughts on how to fix?

Tried the fix of removing duplicates in the .Android_Secure folder, there weren't any!
OK, so after searching through the forums I finally found that moving apps to the phone, then turning the phone off and removing the SD card entirely, then restarting the phone, then downloading or updating apps, then shutting off the phone and replacing the SD card, then moving them back to the SD card works... BUT HOLY CR** this is hardly a FIX...

Anyone found an actual reason this starts happening and how it can actually be fixed???