'SD card full' but it isn't.

Nate Harris

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Sep 13, 2014
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I'm really hoping someone could help me out. My phone has suddenly stopped letting me take pictures, download music/apps or receive texts. It just comes up 'SD card full' and nothing else. When I go into settings and SD card it shows a bar, colour coded by how much is used by what. Less than half of it is coloured. It's a new phone and I have very few apps on it. I can't delete photos as it doesn't give me the option from my gallery and i can't find them in my file organiser.

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You didn't mention the model phone. I assume you are talking about internal storage rather than a microSD card. You won't find the actual files in the Gallery app as they are only cached shortcuts to the actual files. If that cache is over loaded you can go to the app manager, scroll to all and find the Gallery app. Clear cache and settings then restart the phone. You will need to wait a while for the Gallery app to index the files again but they are stored either somewhere else on the phone or being synced with the cloud.

If you are talking about microSD storage that's a whole other issue.