Screwed up bionic ....(not working properly)


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Oct 18, 2011
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so yea i have been looking through forums after forums trying to fix a bionic for a week that i managed to screw up...
well the problem started when i factory restore a rooted bionic cause the owner erased their main user account rendering it popping up a annoying notification sign.well after that i sbfed or fxz or whatever back to 886. then updated to 893. then too 901. back to back. but i lost root so i tried going back to root on 886. RSD lite 5.5 not knowing that the 901. update screws up the cdt.bin. so out of stupidity i went r3leasd/4ever root to try restore back to 886 but failing epically out of frustration.... after 2 days i used the bionic path saver with the cdt. file repair file which made the bionic operable and rooted on 893. BUT after one day after the bionic's lock screen and homepage was flashing uncontrollably which rendered unusably (could not text or call but could reply back and answer by pulling down the notification bar and yea). so i did a battery pull and rebooted the phone it stopped the flashing but now its stuck... look and see
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i updated to the 901. hoping that it would fix the problem but it still stuck like this... so yea im screwed :frown:

i would not mind but its my mothers bionic lols :blink:


Dec 9, 2011
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It's bad enough to experiment and screw up your own phone, but your mom's... shame on you! (smile)

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